We will refund the difference when price drops for a Flight Booking.


How is the refund Calculated?


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If fare drops, we will refund the difference
Booking Amount

£ 1000

Current fare
£ 800
Airline fee
£ 80
£ 120
This amount will be refunded to your card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-8000 within 10 working days.
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How does it work?

After booking a flight with Airclicket, we keep searching regularly for any price drops on the flight fare you’ve booked. If the total fare is found to be lower than the booking amount, Airclicket uses the amount the fare has dropped by, and any re-booking or Airline charges if applicable) to compute the refund. This amount is refunded back to your credit card.
How is the refund calculated?

The refund amount is calculated as the net fare difference, after deducting the airline fee:

Old fare - new fare - airline fee = Net fare difference

If the net fare difference is less than zero (i.e. the fare drop is less than the airline amendment fee), you will not get any refund.
Can I use the same e-ticket after the refund?

In some cases, if the fare on your flight booking drops below a particular threshold, we may re-book you on a cheaper fare with the same flights, and then refund the difference. In such cases, we will email you a fresh e-ticket & PNR. Please use the new e-ticket for all communication with Airclicket and the airline, as the older e-ticket and PNR will no longer be valid.
I got a refund, and the fare dropped again. Am I applicable for another refund?

Only 1 refund is applicable per booking, so in case the fare drops multiple times on a single itinerary, difference will be refunded only on the first instance that the fare drops.